Together, we’re
building expertise

What can you build at Bond Vet?

First of all, you can build great relationships in a great team. Secondly, you can build great bonds with pets and pet parents, who love visiting our modern, welcoming clinics. And thirdly, you can build real expertise. Working alongside experienced vets, you’ll be able to build your medical skills, help out on advanced surgeries and dental procedures, and use state-of-the-art technology.

Nurse Elevation Program

The Bond Vet Nurse Elevation Program sets out four different levels for your career path: Associate Nurse I, Associate Nurse II, Associate Nurse III, and Lead Nurse. At each level, we’ll evaluate your experience, knowledge, and technical skills, and ensure that you have the support, guidance and direction you need to take the next step up. As you elevate through the program, so does your pay, significantly.

Associate Nurse I

  • Triage scheduling
  • Client communication (basic)
  • Vaccines/wellness appointments
  • Rx calculation/admin
  • MR upkeep
  • Radiographic technique (basic)
  • Restraint
  • Sample collection & admission
  • Rx preparation

Associate Nurse II

  • Common urgent care case comprehension
  • BLS RECOVER certified
  • Anesthesia for routine procedures (OHE, neuter & density)
  • Identify ER meds & their uses
  • Work with DVM & nurses to create treatment plans & anesthetic protocols
  • IVC placement & fluid management
  • Orthopedic radiographic Technique (advanced)
  • Grief management for clients
  • Assist with sedated tx room procedures

Associate Nurse III

  • Calm, thoughtful approach urgent/ER cases
  • Work with DVM to assess anesthetic risks & create anesthetic protocols accordingly
  • Trained in case management & comprehension of surgical, ER & chronic conditions
  • Perform regional blocks for appropriate procedures
  • Manage patient analgesia protocols
  • CRI creation & calculation
  • ALS RECOVER Certified
  • Perform anesthesia on complex & urgent procedures

Lead Nurse

  • Focus on team training & development for support team
  • Lead treatment room flow, act as mentor to nursing staff
  • Anesthesia & analgesia case mgmt (advanced)
  • Collaborate with Medical Director to create new protocols & procedures
  • Asses & maintain medical equipment in the clinic
  • Specialists in NAVTA approved disciplines (Anesthesia, Dentistry, SAIM, etc.)

Meet our Nurses

Sheena Davis

LVT, VTS - Dentistry, VCC

"Bond Vet truly fosters the idea of teamwork and autonomy. I can advocate for my patients as well as be a part of the treatment and anesthetic plans of my patients. At Bond Vet, they fully utilize their technicians and support their professional growth."

Andres Telechea

LVT & Senior Clinic Launch Manager

"At Bond Vet, it’s the bond you build with yourself and the work you do. Here, we allow active contributions to become reality. It’s a place of growth, support and experience."

Liz Ganci


"Bond Vet isn’t like the average veterinary clinic. They make sure to not only provide the best quality medicine for our patients but they take care of their staff as well. The environment is welcoming, and everyone has the same core values."